Sanming, China

Country: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Population: 2,700,000

Mayor: Deng Benyuan

Sister City Since: 1997

Sanming is located between the Wuyi and Daiyun mountains in the northwestern Fujian province. The city has a long history; historical relics, primarily the fossils of Oingliu Man found in Huli Cave, indicate a history of human activity of almost 10,000 years. Sanming takes pride in its architecture from the Ming Dynasty, stone carvings, and other historical relics.

Sanming is a rising industrial city and a major resort in the “green triangle area”, a popular year-round destination for tourists. The city is also often regarded as a “green treasure house” because of its wealth of rare animals and plants. Sanming is a leading producer of natural products such as bamboo shoots, lotus seeds, Jinju tangerine, carambola, gem, and dried chili.